A Travel Guide to Myanmar

Many tourists around the world consider Myanmar to be a fascinating and mysterious destination. Myanmar is termed as one of the most captivating and remarkable destinations in Asia by people who have either traveled there or tourists experts. Learn more about; Myanmar Holidays . Myanmar is very popular due to its notable historic sites distinctive geographical locations and characteristics.

Myanmar is located in south-east Asia on the shores of Bengal Bay. In the north, it is bordered by India and Bangladesh while it neighbors China and Thailand in the northeast. In the southern end of the country, you will get the vast beaches of the Indian ocean. Learn about; Yangon Tours . There are many tourist attractions that you can visit at Myanmar. The tourist attractions include temples, gardens, and museums and thus tourist attraction is the most important source of revenue for the country.

The most popular tourist destination within Myanmar that you may want to visit is the capital city known as Yangon. The capital city has different sizes and types of statutes of Buddha. Yangon is known for its large number of gardens, natural parks and numerous tropical trees around the city and thus it is termed as the city of gardens. If you travel to Yangon, there is one attraction site that you must visit known as the Shwedagon Pagoda. This marvelous architectural masterpiece will surely excite you with its marvelous dome that was coated with eight hundred slots of gold, diamonds, and jewelry. The dome of Pagoda is a symbol of knowledge as there are many Buddhism verses written all over it.

It is recommended that you also visit Hlawga national park which is located around thirty kilometers from the capital city. The national park also features a large lake that was as a result of a huge dam in the 1920s. Apart from the tourist's sites, the weather is also perfect for your stay in Myanmar.The country lies in the tropic of cancer in the monsoon area, and the coastal regions face rainfall of up to 5000 milliliters.

On your visit to Myanmar, you will be able to buy numerous items on sales across the country. They will include rubies, jade, sapphire and other precious and semi-precious stones. Your trip will not be complete without tasting local delicacies. The mouthwatering Mohinga that contains noodles and soup. You can also sample the Laphet Thote salad which includes fermented leaves and nuts and can be eaten with rice.